High of beneficiaries

Data of the proceedings
2 months

May be included as recipients and beneficiaries of the family Court Mutualismo or assimilated by the scheme is a high, with the requirements of the General Social security system.

May retain the status of recipients and beneficiaries of the Judicial Mutualismo spouse living separately from the scheme is a high or whose marriage was annulled or dissolved by divorce, provided they are entitled to compensatory alimony by holders, and children living side by side with that report.


  1. Live with holder of the right and at his expense. It would be a lack of coexistence in cases of temporary and occasional separation on grounds of work, inability to find housing on the new destination and other similar circumstances.
  2. Do not collect revenues for returns to the work products, furniture, capital of real estate capital pension or exceeding twice the income indicator of multiple effects.
  3. They are not protected by functional title, other than through any of the regimes that are members of the spanish system of Social security with an extension and content similar to those set out in the General Regime.

Fill in the Pipeline: A-3 Model and accompany copy of the documents identified in this model, as appropriate.
When it comes to beneficiaries/beneficiaries that remained as Mutuality have left office established for any reason, may be re-entry ONLINE through ELECTRÓNICA HEADQUARTERS .

  1. In the case of failure to sign the express authorization must provide:
    • Photocopy of id card, to be enjoyed by over 14 years.
    • Certificates attesting that:
      • Its beneficiary/beneficiary was not listed as a holder or beneficiary/beneficiary of the other parent/of the other parent in any other Social security regimes.
      • Its beneficiary/beneficiary and financially dependent coexists with the owner of rights.
  2. It appears that the declaration signed in the model A-3, on the requirements for the recipients and beneficiaries on the assumption that i can see fraud that called data may be punishable offence in accordance with the rules of procedure.
  3. THERE IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT on the variations of personal data and on changes in the situation of the requirements for the beneficiaries and the beneficiaries that are included in the depositor's/MUGEJU holder.
    • When they cease to live together and have economic unit with the owner.
    • They are a paid work, or property or paid pension income more than twice the number of IPREM.
    • When they have the delivery of health care by another body of Social security, as well as owners or beneficiaries from another person.

When it comes to beneficiaries/beneficiaries that remained as Mutuality have left office established for any reason, it may request the processing of their re-entry ONLINE.

Key icon For the realization of these proceedings online should be discharged as the mutual scheme. The General identification may be accessed through the system Cl@ve for which must be registered in the platform or have dni-electrónico or one of the digital certificates admitted by headquarters.

See the technical requirements access to online.

All the proceedings relating to the High of beneficiaries/beneficiaries can be performed in the central and provincial branches of Mugeju, as well as in any other places under article 16 (4) of law 39/2015, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities.

It should complete the A-3 Model and accompany copy of the documents identified in this model, as appropriate.

Copy of the family record book.

Save opposition, there will be the beneficiaries/beneficiaries are not registered in another social security system. Otherwise, Accreditation should be achieved through the introduction of some of the following documents: notarised Copy of the membership of the Social security scheme in question is attached to the spouse of the scheme is Safe. opposition, there will be   the verification of data on the identification and residence of the holder and beneficiaries/beneficiaries. Otherwise, you must make a formal certificate of registration

  • On the assumption to be enjoyed by persons with disabilities: Certificate issued by the IMSERSO or by the agency for the Autonomous Community in which resides the person concerned is interested in as disability.
  • En el supuesto de ex cónyuge: Sentencia firme de separación o de divorcio o convenio regulador de la separación o divorcio.
  • In the case of couples: Copy of Registration Certificate, or the release that coexistence with the scheme for period of more than one year
  • In the case of adoption or fostering: temporary administrative or judicial Resolution confirming the placement/adoption. In the case of placement, in addition to the international registration, Consular, failing which the report of family reunification and certificates of competence.