For help because of multiple childbirth, adoption or fostering

Data of the proceedings
6 months

These aids include two differentiated responsibilities and benefits that are compatible with each other:

  • Special allowance for maternity or paternity leave in the event of childbirth, adoption or fostering multiple.
  • Economic benefit of payment for multiple childbirth or adoption.

Have the right to childcare supplement the mutualist in cases of maternity or paternity leave for multiple births, or placement with a view to adoption or permanent or maternity or paternity leave for adoption.


  • Only for presentation person: REQUEST FOR HELP BY MÚLTIPLE .

  • If it does not permit the Mutualidad General to consult their Legal identity data: photocopy of id card.

  • In cases of multiple births: Family record book or certificate of registration of children in the Civil registry.

  • In cases of multiple adoption or fostering: Judicial decision which is the adoption or administrative decision or judicial proceedings granting the family placement, both preadoptiva as permanent.

  • In the case of adoption or placement of minors, with 7 or older, disabled rating: certification of disability, issued by the IMSERSO or competent authority of each autonomous community.

  • In the case of adoption or placement of minors, with 7 or older who, by their circumstances and personal experiences or coming from abroad have special difficulties of social integration and family life: certification of the competent public body in respect of the protection of minors, supporting the special difficulties of social integration and family life.

Key icon To request this provision must be registered as owner. The scheme will be achieved through identification the system Cl@ve so you will need to be discharged in that system or have dni-electrónico or one of the digital certificates admitted .

See the technical requirements access to online.

The application form and associated documents may be submitted at the central or provincial branches of the society in General, or in any other places under article 16 (4) of law 39/2015, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities.