Apply for supplementary benefits: dental, ophthalmic and other

Data of the proceedings
6 months

Grant of financial aid to:

  • Benefits: eye glasses, glass, domestic therapeutic lenses, technical assistance for low vision

  • Dental benefits:

    • Procuring dentures pieces, dental, crowns and implants.

    • Fillings and reconstructions (are excluded under 15 years old, except those who are attached to the INSS in the region of Murcia).

    • Endodoncias (are excluded under 15 years old, except those who are attached to the INSS in the region of Murcia).

    • Without mouth (are excluded all affiliated to mutual private medical entities).

    • Ortodoncias, if treatment has been initiated before the age of 18 years, for once in life.

  • Other benefits:

    • Acquisition and repair of hearing aids

    • Mattresses or pad antiescaras

    • Laringófono

    • Normal compression stockings individual

    • Tights normal compression

    • External bomb subcutaneous continuous infusion of insulin (only for the mutual INSS attesting that they are denied assistance requested in the service of health of their autonomous community).


  • Original invoice containing all the legal requirements.

    • Invoices of glasses or glass: should indicate whether they are closely or remotely.

    • Invoices dental benefits: they should indicate the piece on the treatment.

  • For ophthalmic aid: report of an eye specialist or an optician, which include graduation. In the case of aid for low vision Lenses: report of the protocol to accredit specialist in ophthalmology. If this aid, the report prismáticas must have completed alteration to the eye motility.

  • On aid to the acquisition of therapeutic average normal compression: medical report that one must note the pathology and the limitation period, specifying the injured member the media and compression of the same.

  • For the acquisition or repair of headphones: medical report or audiometría.

  • Insulin for pumps: documents that show that they applied for assistance to the department of health of their autonomous community and has been refused.

  • Only if it does not submit the request by The Internet: REQUEST PREST COMPLEMENTARY. .

You have to keep the originals of the invoices and other original documents probative value for a period of four years of the date on which the benefit.

Key icon To request this provision must be registered as owner. The scheme will be achieved through identification the system Cl@ve so you will need to be discharged in that system or have dni-electrónico or one of the digital certificates admitted .

May submit the application form and associated documents in the central services or the provincial branches of the society in General, or in any other places under article 16 (4) of law 39/2015, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities.

To expedite the processing of their claims, if you need to claim a number of different benefits (dental, ophthalmic, etc.) please present a separate form for each provision.