Special Fund

The special fund of the General Mutual Judicial

The twenty-first Additional Provision of the law 50/1984, of general state budget to 1985, made possible the constitution of the Special Fund of Mugeju and the consequent integration into the same mutual societies of staff of the administration of justice.

According to the forecasts contained in this provision, by agreements of the council of ministers of 10 april 1987, of 3 february 1989 and 27 march 1992, respectively, effective integration into the special fund of the mutual MUGEJU charitable Municipal justice officials, the anticipation of officials of the administration of justice and of the charitable of ancillary to the administration of justice.

The partners and beneficiaries of the above-mentioned Mutual preserved in the Special Fund acquired rights or in the process of acquisition in relation to the benefits listed in the integration agreements, guided its award and level as set forth in these agreements, in the rules of procedure of the respective mutual societies and in the Additional Provision act 50/84.

In accordance with these rules of integration:

  • Únicamente joined the Special Fund existing groups in the above mutual entities as at 31 december 1984. Consequently there have been high mutual new partners after the specified date.
  • The partners (mutual funds) and beneficiaries of the old mutual officials of the administration of justice are guaranteed through the Special Fund entitlement specified in the integration and in the terms and amounts in them. The amounts set guaranteed by the state through the Special Fund are the prevailing on 31 december 1984, for services of the single farm payment scheme. With regard to pensions, are guaranteed the amounts in effect as at 31 december 1984, as initial pension, and in force to 31 december 1973, as final pension, reducing the first to the latter, in an annual 20 percent of the difference between them.
  • Stay in the special fund and the maintenance of the right to benefits is voluntary.

Since the membership of the Integrated Mutual is voluntary, members of the same may seek release at any time.

The Additional Provision 21.10 act 50/1984 collects such possibility as follows: Individual choice to run in one integrated at any time, with loss by the beneficiary of any provision and without the right to return on contributions ”. In similar terms defined in the option of Integration Agreements in the special fund (“ The mutualist may unsubscribe to the Special Fund, at any time with loss of profits previously recognized and without the right to return of assessments ”).

The Regulations of these Clubs provide for the loss of the scheme for non-payment of assessments, taking the low for that reason the same effects as voluntary.

From the integration, Mugeju recognizes the benefits caused by the affiliated to the referring Entities.

Special benefits from the fund

From the integration, MUGEJU recognizes the benefits generated by those affiliated to Mutual funds. These benefits may be different as far as the amount and requirements for each Mutuality, but all reflected in its regulations:

The amount of these benefits is determined by the following provisions:

  • Those who are single farm payment are recognized in the amount in force at 31 december 1984.
  • Pensions are initially recognised at levels in force as at 31 december 1984, declining in the following five years in equal shares, until recently, the amounts in effect as at 31 december 1973, which are finally thanks the state.