Aid for children with disabilities

Data of the proceedings
6 months

The Law 31/1991, 30 december, general budget of the state to 1992, established in the area of Mugeju the provision for children with disabilities, as a mode of family benefits for children.
Articles 12.1, (f) and 21.3 of the Consolidated Text approved by royal Legislative Decree 3/2000 reflected more specifically, between the benefits of Mugeju, “ family benefits for children with disabilities ”, referring to the Chapter IX of the Title II of the Consolidated Text of the General law on Social security.
The Royal Decree 1335/2005, issued in the area of the rgps, develops the legal framework for children with disabilities.
The rules of procedure of Judicial Mutualismo, approved by royal decree 1026/2011, of 15 july (BOE of 4/8/2011), regulates this provision in its articles 109 and 110.
The form of a monthly allowance per child, or child with disabilities, which is defined according to their age, degree of incapacity and the need for another person.

Children with disabilities (2021)
Group: Cause Monthly rate of delivery
Under the age of 18 years (Handicap ≥ 33%) 83,33
Over 18 years (Handicap ≥ 65%) 392,00
Over 18 years (Handicap ≥ 75 per cent and the need for third party) 598,80


The cause does not lose the status of a child or child under the responsibility for the sake of producing a lucrative, own account or for others, provided that continue to live with the beneficiary of the provision and that the annual income of the insured person, in respect of earned income, do not exceed 100% the minimum wage.
The minimum wage is set for 2021 in 950,00 euros/month (13.300,00 euro/year).
The perception of the financial allocations for children with disabilities over 18 years old, is incompatible with the status, on the part of the son of pensioner retirement age or disability in the non-contributory and with the status of the beneficiary of assistance pensions regulated under law 45/1960, of 21 july, or grant minimum guaranteed income and help for the third person, set out in act 13/1982 of 7 april, of social integration of disabled people.

Key icon For the realization of these proceedings online should be discharged as the mutual scheme. The General identification may be accessed through the system Cl@ve for which must be registered in the platform or have dni-electrónico or one of the digital certificates admitted by headquarters.

See the technical requirements access to online.

To request assistance should be to provide the following documentation:

  • In standard application (Download) (Also available in the central services or in the provincial branches)
  • Resolution of the appreciation of the degree of disability, with an indication of the term of validity or supporting revision, the degree of disability and, if applicable, the need for the competitive third person, issued by the competent body in this area of the autonomous communities or IMSERSO
  • If the testator (handicapped) performs work remunerated: certification of the company or entity in which it operates, in which:
    • Name or business name.
    • Duration of the contract.
    • Amount due for the monthly remuneration.
    • Amount due for the extraordinary pay and the number of them are paid the same year, information on other emoluments of the different periodicity of monthly.
  • If it was receiving a pension, allowance or incompatible: document/s attesting that has opted for the provision of Mugeju, or that have been renounced those, as well as the date of economic impact of the option or waiver

Place of submission:

Application forms and other documentation required, may be made in the central and provincial branches of Mugeju, as well as in any other places under article 16 (4) of law 39/2015, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities.