Supplementary Benefits: dental, ophthalmic and others.

Data of the proceedings
6 months


  • Grant of financial aid for the purchase or lease of orthopaedic products and reparations, according to the catalogue of MUGEJU ortoprotésico material.
  • Grant of financial aid for dental, ophthalmic benefit and other supplementary benefits.



  • The amount of aid is reflected in the catalogue of Mugeju ortoprotésico material, in the catalogue, complementary and in the rules applicable to the aid.

Resolution and resources

  • Form: upon request.
  • Authority that resolves The Management of the society in General.
  • Deadline for resolutions: 3 months
  • Effects of silence: positive administrative
  • Resource: appealed before the ministry of justice

Key icon For the realization of these proceedings online should be discharged as the mutual scheme. The General identification may be accessed through the system Cl@ve for which must be registered in the platform or have dni-electrónico or one of the digital certificates admitted by headquarters.

See the technical requirements access to online.


To request assistance should be to provide the following documentation:

  • Application form (Download) , ( Also available in the central services or in provincial offices ).
  • Report of the specialist containing pathology and limitation of the assistance requested.
  • Original invoices containing all the legal requirements.
  • The budget in the cases of orthodontics and orthopedic benefits the amount in excess of 240 €should gauge issued by companies
  • Graduation for glasses, glass and domestic animals.
  • In dental care, in case of endodoncias specify the piece on the treatment.

Place of submission

The submission of the application form and of the documents required can be purchased in person in the central or Provincial Branches of Mugeju either by e-mail or in any of the forms provided for in article 38.4 the LRJAPAC.