How to use this headquarters

Where i am?

Welcome to the electronic site General society.

What is the electronic site?

This e-mail is available for the citizens by means of telecommunication networks whose ownership, management and administration corresponds to a Public Administration, administrative body or entity in the exercise of its powers (article 10 LAECSP).

Who is addressed?

A todos los ciudadanos que quieran interactuar con la Mutualidad General Judicial a través de internet.

What is included in headquarters?

All the proceedings, procedures and services that require authentication of the Public Administration or the general public through electronic means within the meaning of article 13 of the LAECSP, i.e. through electronic identity card, advanced electronic signature or concerted using keys.

¿Dispone el ciudadano de algún punto de acceso general a todas las Sedes?

The access point Assembly ( ) will be provided through its headquarters, access to electronic services at the AGE and its agencies. If it facilitates access to electronic services at other administrations will have to sign the agreement in question.

El directorio de sedes electrónicas de la AGE residirá en la sede del Punto de Acceso General ( https :// ).