COVID-19: vaccine Update of personal data of the Beneficiaries and Mutualist

Before the forthcoming launch of the immunization coverage of COVID 19, it is necessary to correct identification of MUGEJU for easy identification by the health administration is responsible for the above-mentioned vaccination.

In this vein, we believe it is essential since MUGEJU to undertake an urgent need of updating data and mutual beneficiaries attached to medical assistance, in conjunction with private companies, firstly, to refer also to update data everyone ’ s contact and mutual beneficiaries, in general.

To this end, in a first phase, the mutual funds that do not have updated your personal data or those of its beneficiaries in MUGEJU should proceed to modify or supplement the same, succumbing to electronic headquarters MUGEJU in the following link: https :// .

Later, and if necessary, MUGEJU will get in touch with the collective affected by the different phases of vaccination, providing as much as possible alternative means of updating its data.